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Leather products care instructionsUpdated 2 years ago

Leather products care instructions

1. Apply leather maintenance oil. The leather coat must be cleaned before being stored, and the leather maintenance oil must be applied to supplement the nutrition to the cortex and prolong the service life of the leather coat. The maintenance oil can be used with a dry soft cloth, dipped in the maintenance oil, and gently wiped on the leather coat.

2. to prevent moisture. After being damp, the leather clothing will not only lose its luster but also easily lose its fastness and local peeling. Therefore, during the storage process of leather products, keep them dry and avoid exposure to the sun. When damp, they should be cleaned and dried in time.

3. It is better to hang it and avoid folding it. Many people like to fold their leather jackets for storage. The folded leather jackets are prone to dead folds, mildew, and deformation. Therefore, leather products such as leather jackets and skirts should be hung on hangers as much as possible when stored to prevent crushing and deformation and prolong the service life of leather jackets.

Leather Garments Tips: 

  • Do not use bleach or other cleaners
  • Do not put it into a washing machine or dryer
  • They may be treated with regular leather spray protectants
  • Leather garments can be wiped down with a cloth only
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